Abraham Lincoln was assassinated 150 years ago on April 15, 1865. The funeral train from Washington, DC, to Springfield, Illinois, departed on April 21, retracing the 1,654-mile route that Lincoln took in the opposite direction to be sworn in as president in 1861. The funeral train arrived in Buffalo on the morning of Thursday, April 27 pulling in at the Exchange Street depot. The coffin was transported to St. James Hall in a catafalque drawn by 6 white horses dressed in black. Over 100,000 people passed by the coffin during the day. The mourners included ex-President Millard Fillmore and future President Grover Cleveland. Later that day the funeral train left Buffalo and continued its journey to Springfield.

The train’s route from Buffalo to Springfield took it past Hamburg as well as several other nearby locations as follows:

                Hamburg, NY April 27

                North Evans, NY April 27

                Lake View, NY April 27

                18 Mile Creek, NY April 27

                Derby, NY April 27

                Evans Center, NY April 27

                Saw Mill, NY April 27

                Farnham, NY April 27

                Irving, NY April 27

                Silver Creek, NY April 27

                Sheridan, NY April 27

                Dunkirk, NY April 28

                Van Buren, NY April 28

                Salem, NY April 28

                Brockton, NY April 28

                Westfield, NY April 28

                Ripley Crossing, NY April 28

The funeral train arrived in Springfield, IL, on Tuesday, May 2, 1865. Lincoln was buried the next day.

Lincoln's Funeral Train Car



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