Yankee Hay Barn


The Yankee hay barn was built circa 1810 by Ezekial Smith and David Eddy. It was originally located on the Geuting farm near the Hamburg golf course. In the early years, the Yankee hay barn also served as a place of worship for thFree Will Baptist church. The barn was primarily used for hay and grain storage. The barn consisted of three bays. The largest bay was used for hay storage, while the center bay was used for grain threshing and the third bay was used for the storage of the grain. In 1979, the Yankee hay barn and the red horse barn, also located at the farm, were taken down by the Hamburg Historical Society and rebuilt in 1980/1981 at the Hamburg Historical Society campus on South Park Avenue. The Yankee hay barn got the name “Yankee” because it was a style of barn built by pioneers from the New England states who created the architectural style and carried it across the nation as they progressed westward. The barn was 30 feet by 50 feet and made of American chestnut. The Yankee hay barn and an adjacent outhouse collapsed in 2014 during the November snowstorm and had to be demolished.


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