Old South Buffalo Street Bridge

The current bridge heading north from East Eden into the village of Hamburg carries far more traffic today than the Old South Buffalo Street bridge (known as Schoepflin Bridge when constructed in 1875) pictured in this photo. Since this picture was taken, the road has been improved and the bridge in this idyllic setting has been replaced.  The natural simplicity of this rustic and picturesque scene is sure to stir some fond memories for long time Hamburg residents. Prior to 1930, a motorist traveling south on Buffalo Street had to turn right just after passing Long Avenue and the all-brick street then went over 18 mile creek on the old bridge, which was where the Hamburg Counseling Center stands today. After crossing the bridge, the road continued south and became East Eden Road (Old East Eden Road today). The abutments to the old bridge (which was razed in 1934) in the photo are still visible today. South Buffalo Street was straightened and a new bridge constructed in 1932. The new bridge was initially called the Abbott Bridge, but is now known as the South Buffalo Street bridge. It then was reconstructed in the mid-1970s and reopened to traffic in 1976. For those interested in bridge architecture, it’s not really hard to choose between the aesthetic beauty of the old bridge and probably what is considered to be the more “practical” modern version of today’s span. Notice Schoepflin’s Mill in the background. According to records in the Town Historian’s Office, the road heading south towards East Eden dates back as far as the first quarter of the 19th century. It's interesting to note that in the late 1800's, East Eden Road was called Brooklyn Avenue. In fact, the area south of 18 Mile Creek was referred to as Brooklyn.


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